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liberalsonline's Journal

Liberals Online
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This is a community for posting news pieces and/or essays.

If the article is really long, using a livejournal cut would be appreciated.
2008 election, abolishing the death penalty, abortion, aclu, activism, adbusters, ageism, anarchism, animal rights, anti-death penalty, anti-globalization, anti-neoconservatives, bell hooks, bill clinton, bill of rights, biochemical engineering, campaign finance reform, capitol punishment, choice, civil liberties, civil rights, clean air, clean water, code pink, communism, constitution, corporate accountability, democracy, democracy now, democrat, democratic party, democrats, discussion, domestic policy, education, environmental rights, environmentalists, equality, feminism, foreign policy, free speech tv, freedom, gay marriage, gay rights, glbt, global warming, government, green party, greg palast, hillary rodham clinton, howard dean, howard zinn, human rights, independent media, information, iraq, john edwards, john kerry, judicial reform, kpfk, left-wing, legalization of marijuana, legislative reform, leonard peltier, liberal, liberalism, liberals, mark dayton, michael moore, micheal moore, middle east, minimum wage, mother jones, moveon.org, mumia abu-jamal, news, no child left behind, outsourcing, overtime pay, palestine, palestinians, plo, police brutality, political prisoners, political science, politics, prison reform, privacy, pro-choice, progessive, queer rights, revolution, roe vs wade, russ feingold, social change, social security, socialism, socialist, socialized health care, squatter's rights, supreme court, terrorism, the constitution, the first amendment, the green party, the patriot act, the war on drugs, third wave, united nations, voting, welfare, west memphis three, women's rights, womens rights, workers rights, world bank, wto